Mac OS X

The configuration of Ships Clock on Mac OS X is integrated into System Preferences. Simply open System Preferences (in the Apple menu), then click on Ship's Clock under the "Other" category.

You may set these parameters:

  • Output Tab:

    Output Tab

    • Volume (default = 100%): The volume at which Ships Clock will play the chimes, as a percent of maximum volume. If you have to peel yourself off the ceiling every time the chimes sound, try turning down the volume! (or drink less coffee)
    • Output Device: If you have more than one audio output on your computer, this selection item will be enabled.
    • Test: Push this button to play a test chime, to ensure the volume and output device are set correctly.
  • Advanced Tab:

    Advanced Tab

    • Stay Silent for Part of the Day: Select this check box, then select times below, if you'd rather not hear the chimes for part of the day. For example, if your Mac is in your bedroom and you're fond of sleeping.
    • From: The start time for silence.
    • To: The end time for silence.

Remember to click the Apply button when you are finished; otherwise your changes will not take effect.